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Glitter Party Hair Color

Price: $1.99
Glitter Party Hair Color Click to enlarge


This party hair color is guaranteed to be the glittery “Mane” event of your bash. Just spray for instant color. Regular rinsing and shampooing will remove color. Read and follow instructions on can. Assorted colors (no choice available).  THIS IS GLITTER SPRAY THAT IS PERFECT FOR HAIR OR BODY!If you had ever thought about changing your hair color for just 1 day, this is the way to do it. Simply spray in and enjoy the color. Wash out when your done. It's that easy. Great for parties and special occasions, Clubs, concerts and lets not forget, Halloween. Contains 3.5 oz of spray. THIS CASE INCLUDES AN ASSORTED CASE OF RED BLUE AND GREEN SPRAY IN HAIR COLOR. 8 PIECES OF EACH COLOR!

  • 24 cans of glitter party hair color
  • Each can is 3.5oz.
  • Comes in red, green and blue - 8 pieces of each
  • Temporary, easily washes out
  • Product container may vary from picture

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