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Turkey Roasting Set

Price: $6.99
Turkey Roasting Set Click to enlarge


Make sure this years Thanksgiving turkey comes out absolutely perfect using this turkey roasting kit.  This set includes an armored meat thermometer, a no-sew turkey lacer, a turkey lifter (also ideal for roasts), and a turkey stuffer bag, as well as in  depth directions on how to use them all.  In addition, this kit also includes a roasting time and temperature chart and a Hueck's famous poultry dressing recipe.  Tremendous value for a low cost!!

  • Turkey roasting set
  • 4 Piece roaster set
  • Includes turkey thermometer, turkey stuffing bag, turkey lacer, and turkey lifter cord
  • Great for assuring the Thanksgiving turkey comes out perfect
  • Comes with in depth directions on how to use everything and perfect meat temperatures

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