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Plastic Baseballs - 4 pack of Fun Balls

Price: $2.99
Plastic Baseballs - 4 pack of Fun Balls Click to enlarge


Have fun outdoors and safely with these plastic baseballs.  These balls are approximately the size of a regulation baseball and made of plastic so they can be used anywhere with confidence that property won't be damaged. The best part of these balls is that they are full of holes allowing for some incredible movement on pitches.  Great for increasing hand/eye coordination and can be caught without the use of a glove.

  • Practice baseballs
  • Hollow and full of holes to really put movement on pitches
  • Plastic material prevents from causing serious damage to property or needing a glove to play
  • Each bag contains four balls
  • Each ball measures:  ~2.8" in diameter and ~9" in circumference making it roughly the same dimensions of a baseball

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