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HeartString Teddies - Thank You Musical Figurine

Price: $12.99
HeartString Teddies - Thank You Musical Figurine Click to enlarge


An inspiring heartfelt collection of Musical Teddies that are sure to touch the heart.  Teddies are a timeless treasure that we remember from our childhood and truly never forget.  Heart String Teddies have been lovingly created to touch the heart with their endearing messages of inspiration, comfort, love, and joy.

  • Wooden figurine featuring a bear holding a butterfly and wearing a backpack
  • Music box that plays portion of "You are so beautiful"
  • Has wide base allowing it to be used as decoration or paper weight
  • Has 'Some gifts you hold in your hands, some you holdin your heart' engraved into it
  • Comes in gorgeous gift box - Measures: 3.75"L x 4.75"H x 2.5"W

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