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Animated Porcelain Musical Clown Doll

Price: $14.99
Animated Porcelain Musical Clown Doll Click to enlarge


This porcelain collectible clown is hand-crafted and hand-painted with pride and care.  Its beautifully chosen attire and fine porcelain features come to life when you turn the crank in the back.  The music box plays a classical piece and the clowns torso, arms and head moves along with it.

  • Collectible animated, musical porcelain doll
  • Musical - turn crank located in back of doll and listen as the clown produces classical music
  • Animated - As music box plays, the clowns torso arms and head begin to move
  • Fine porcelain - Hand painted
  • Measures: 6"L x 12"H x 3"W

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